Buying & selling businesses

We act for buyers and sellers alike. Although buying or selling a business can be a complex and protracted legal process, one of our key objectives is to try and avoid this from happening. We always begin the process by getting to know you and your business (if we don’t already) so we can understand your objectives and work with you to achieve them. This often involves working in partnership with your accountants to ensure any tax implications are expertly dealt with. If corporate finance is involved we are well versed in funding options. We offer practical advice at every stage of your transaction and we work professionally and skilfully with you and others to get the deal concluded. Our obligation is to provide you with the skilled, commercially focused and cost effective service which is our hallmark.

We can help you with: business sales and purchases (large and small, as we always remember the importance of your transaction to you); share purchase agreements; asset sales; management buyouts and buy ins; mergers and de-mergers. Our skilled lawyers can assist you and your business in all of these areas and will do so in a detailed and thorough manner, quickly and with total confidentiality.

Many business sales or purchases also involve issues across other areas of business law: often there are property issues involving both freehold and leasehold properties and these can often be complicated; there may be employment or pension issues; there may be ongoing disputes which need evaluating and dealing with; if you are buying a business you may want to consider appointing some-one else to make important business decisions on your behalf through a lasting Power of Attorney in case you become unwell or have an accident. We have the range of professional skills to deal with all of these issues which we can coordinate quickly and smoothly to provide the comprehensive service you and your business require. Our team is skilled, experienced, commercial and pragmatic and will work quickly and effectively with you. Above all else we understand that you require cost effective advice that gets the job done and we understand the inevitable urgency of your transaction.