Landlord & tenant

We act for both landlords and tenants in the letting of residential properties. Letting any residential property needs to be undertaken with care and precision so we would always recommend that whether you are a landlord or a tenant you take legal advice. You will each have different statutory and contractual responsibilities. We can advise in relations to these responsibilities and at each stage of any residential tenancy transaction.

There are many more landlords as more and more people now own buy to let properties. As a landlord you will require expert advice on the opportunities and challenges that arise in this sector as there are numerous legal aspects that need to be considered and dealt with. We have the experience and expertise to provide this comprehensive advice and do so promptly and efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. If a property is mortgaged we can assist in obtaining the lender’s consent if required for the property to be let. We prepare assured shorthold tenancy agreements, contractual tenancies and licences, serve all relevant notices and advise on the landlord’s obligations in relation to tenancy deposit protection schemes. Landlords have specific responsibilities with regard to fire and gas safety and more general responsibilities with regard to electrical safety. They can also unwittingly fall foul of the legislation concerning houses in multiple occupation and we can give expert advice about relevant local authority licensing requirements. When tenancies are due to come to an end we can advise and assist with the procedure to require the tenant to vacate. We can also deal with possession proceedings if tenants breach their tenancy agreements or will not leave a property at the expiry of the tenancy

When acting for tenants we can advise on tenancy agreements and tenancy deposit protection schemes. We are able to advise whether a landlord is meeting both statutory and contractual obligations during the term of the tenancy: there can be very contentious disputes about the responsibility for repairs. We can advise if the landlord issues possession proceedings for whatever reason. Our lawyers have experience of acting for clients in proceedings brought by the local authority. They also deal with disputes about rent and rent arrears. We advise on tenancy deposit protection schemes and generally deal with all the issues which can often damage the relationship between landlord and tenant. If all else fails, we can deal with possession proceedings and we will do so expeditiously and with skill.

In summary our lawyers are experienced and can deal with the full range of legal issues that arise or can arise whether you are a landlord or a tenant of a residential property. Some of these issues have the potential to damage the relationship between landlord and tenant if not properly dealt with and can be costly for both. We are pragmatic and expert and we always try to find a coherent and speedy solution which is appropriate for you. We are cost effective and practical and always mindful of the importance to you whether you own the property or whether it is your home.