Commercial leases

We act for landlords and we act for tenants. We act on long leases and short leases. We routinely deal with leases for shops, offices, licensed premises, warehouses and factories and have also dealt with leases for music venues, sports stadiums, farms, mobile phone masts, leisure centres and many other types of premises both locally and nationally.

Commercial leases are often long and to the uninitiated, unduly complicated. There are many issues to consider when taking or assigning a lease and understandably many clients don’t understand the potential problems and nuances with issues such as dilapidations and rent reviews or the complexities of obtaining a licence to assign. For landlords we ensure that your leases are compliant and drafted in a form acceptable to lenders and we do so swiftly and without fuss. Similarly, for tenants we ensure your leases are correctly drafted and meet your business needs.

When the time comes for you to renew your lease you want someone very familiar with the statutory process. You want accuracy as well as urgency and you want all of this done in a practical and cost effective way.

A badly negotiated lease can have a very damaging impact on a business sometimes not recognised until years later. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant we can offer you a responsive service perfectly fitted to your specific needs. We can explain leases to you in a clear and coherent fashion, negotiate terms and we can do all of this quickly and within an agreed budget. Our commercial property team is renowned for its expertise and its practical advice. Our team is realistic and approachable: whether you are a landlord or a tenant we understand the importance of the transaction to you.