Every business owner is only too aware of the constant barrage of new rules and regulations and the impact that these can have on their business. Our commercial lawyers can help you to understand the significance of the changes as they affect you and can assist you to adopt proactive plans to keep one step ahead. We can advise on relevant new legislation and highlight how to comply with new regulations (often introduced with little prior warning). Constant legislative changes place a continual burden on you and properly drafted contracts can quickly become out of date. We can help you steer a proper and successful course through this legal jungle.

We advise clients in respect of an extensive range of commercial contracts and do so with clear and coherent advice based on your priorities. Our experienced lawyers negotiate and prepare a variety of commercial agreements and understand the need to do so in a businesslike and realistic manner. They prepare and advise on agency and distribution agreements, framework agreements, software and IT contracts and representation agreements. They understand sponsorship arrangements, joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our approach is pragmatic, businesslike and committed. You need us to act professionally and quickly and of course on any commercial arrangement you need to be properly informed of the potential difficulties as well as the potential benefits. Our team is commercially minded, tough and approachable and can ensure that all your commercial contracts and terms and conditions are up to date, compliant and do what you require.