Personal injury

We have a team of experienced lawyers who can help you claim compensation if you have had an accident and/or suffered an injury which wasn’t your fault. They deal with a large range of personal injury cases including those arising from road traffic accidents, accidents at work and general trips and slips. They also deal with claims on behalf of family members where a relative has tragically died as a result of an accident. Personal injury is an area of law where you need to have a coherent analytical approach coupled with a sympathetic manner. Our lawyers have the necessary skills and expertise to deliver this service.

Our personal injury cases range from relatively simple to very complex where there can be disputes about whose fault the accident was and how much compensation should be awarded: there may be more than one person or organisation that caused the accident or other difficult or unusual circumstances. Regardless of the value or complexity of the claim we will be happy to assist. We appreciate the distress caused to you and your family and we advise with sensitivity and realism. We deal with serious debilitating and life changing injuries and those that are much less serious, but we are always compassionate and adaptable in our approach.

We begin by providing an experienced and realistic assessment of every potential claim and we do this free of charge and without any obligation for you to ask us to then handle your claim. If you are incapacitated we visit you at home or hospital as we appreciate the effect your injury may have had on you. If a claim is viable we will represent you on a no win no fee agreement which we will fully explain to you and again we are happy to give initial advice entirely free and with no obligation.

Our lawyers are specialists in this area of law and are members of the Brain Injury Group and the Spinal Injuries Association. They are approachable, responsive and passionate about helping you obtain the right amount of compensation to enable you and your family to move on.