Commercial disputes

Unfortunately disputes are an inevitable part of business life. Invariably disputes involve you in time and expense and you need a solicitor to give you a realistic appraisal of your options. Handled badly, disputes can result in unnecessary expense and cause damage to your business reputation. You need a solicitor who does not take a one size fits all approach and you need someone who wants to resolve your dispute quickly and on terms acceptable to you.

Some disputes can’t be resolved easily and you need a solicitor experienced in achieving successful outcomes in the range of courts that deal with commercial disputes, including the high court and the county court. You may need a solicitor used to working through specialist tribunals and a solicitor familiar with arbitration adjudication and mediation.

They are able to provide a comprehensive debt recovery service tailored to meet your needs, including advice on recoverability and they will move swiftly to protect your interests. They know about insolvency and winding up proceedings, and about forfeiture and can advise on the best enforcement route available to you. They act in property and building disputes and professional negligence claims. They also act in disputes between business owners and always do so in a pragmatic and cost effective manner. No business wants the burden and cost of court proceedings so our lawyers work with you to try and achieve your aims using the best available methods. We will provide clear and straightforward advice about costs and consider a range of funding options. Any dispute has the potential to distract you from your core business so if through negotiations an early resolution is possible, we will strive to achieve this on your behalf. If, however, a dispute cannot be successfully resolved by negotiation and proceedings are necessary we will represent your interests with the directness, skill and resolution for which our team is renowned.