Quality & systems

Bland words about service alone would not, in today’s modern and fast moving world, amount to very much unless Bower & Bailey had the range of skilled and committed staff together with the modern technology which allows us to deliver the quality and service which you demand.

Over 60% of today’s partners trained with the firm and each year we recruit talented young trainee solicitors who have finished their academic studies and we start the practical training necessary to produce the partners of the future. The quality of our staff is important to you and we continually strive to ensure that they are skilled, approachable and above all, on your side.

We have specialists in many areas of the law and we run in-house training to pass on knowledge and experience. We bring in outside experts to provide training tailored for our staff and we actively encourage continual learning and improvement. We mentor, assist and encourage our staff to grow and to properly fulfil their potential. We ensure that our staff have access to all relevant materials and we expect and encourage them to keep up to date with the latest developments in the legal world.

We have a highly skilled specialist IT department to support our aims. Our IT department continues to develop our cutting edge case management systems and we ensure that the technology available across the firm remains up to date. We continually strive to find better, quicker and cheaper ways in which to deliver our services for you. We have up to date and market leading encryption systems, we maintain coherent disaster recovery plans and we have the latest and best firewalls available on the market. We constantly work to protect your data and everything that we do is to supplement our efforts to give you the best and most responsive service that you will find.